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Married: Anna, three sons Jan, Stanisław and Franciszek (2006, 2012, 2017).

Hobby: travel photography, LEGO bricks.

e-mail: lukasz.berlicki@pwr.wroc.pl

ORCID: 0000-0003-0318-4944

Scopus ID 6507332551

WoS Researcher ID AAB-2140-2019

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  • 2020 — professor of Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Wrocław University of Science and Technology.
  • 2012 — habilitation in Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Wrocław University of Technology, Habilitation thesis: “Design and analysis of structure-activity relationships of inhibitors of urease and glutamine synthetase”.
  • 2004 — PhD in Chemistry (with honors), Faculty of Chemistry, Wrocław University of Technology, Doctoral thesis „Design and synthesis of glutamine synthetase inhibitors”, supervisor: Prof. Paweł Kafarski.
  • 2000 — MSc in Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Wrocław, Master thesis „Synthesis of chiral carbodiimides”, supervisor: Prof. Ignacy Siemion.
  • 2000 — MSc Eng. in Computer Science, Faculty of Electronics, Wrocław University of Technology, Master thesis „Codes with public keys”, supervisor: Prof. Jerzy Kisilewicz.


  • 2020 - to date, Professor, Department of Bioorganic Chemistry, Wrocław University of Technology.
  • 2014 - 2020, Associate Professor, Department of Bioorganic Chemistry, Wrocław University of Technology.
  • 2006 – 2014, Assistant Professor, Department of Bioorganic Chemistry, Wrocław University of Technology.
  • 2004 – 2006, Researcher, Department of Bioorganic Chemistry, Wrocław University of Technology.

Fellowships and scientific visits

  • Germany, University of Regensburg, Prof. Oliver Reiser Group, 7th Framework Programme/People, Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships, acronym: CANPY (No 236579), 2009-2010 (12 months);
  • Germany, Ruhr University Bochum, Faculty of Chemistry, 2010 (1 week);
  • Spain, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Department of Chemistry, 2010 (1 week);
  • Greece, University of Athens, Department of Chemistry, 2006 (1 week);
  • Greece, University of Athens, Department of Chemistry, 2004 (1 week);
  • Italy, University of Bari, Department of Chemistry, Prof. M. Aresta Group, Socrates/Erasmus stage, 1999 (3 months).

Research interests

  • Computer-aided design of novel enzyme inhibitors.
  • Analysis of ligand-receptor (particularly enzyme) interactions with the use of molecular modeling and nuclear magnetic resonance techniques.
  • Stereo-controlled synthesis of biologically active compounds, particularly, analogues of amino acids and peptides.
  • Design and structural analysis (NMR, CD) of peptides that show well defined three-dimensional structure.

International research co-operations


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