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Department of Bioorganic Chemistry

Wrocław University of Technology

ul. Norwida 4/6

50-373 Wrocław

phone: (+48 71) 320 26 77


Hobby: gardening, travelling

Status: married, two daughters


Immobilization and stabilisation of enzyme activity - adsorption, crosslinking, copolymerization, covalent attachment, stabilization by additives. Membrane processes- ultra- and microfiltration, immobilisation of enzymes on/in membranes, membrane selection for bioprocesses. Catalytic characterization and kinetic behaviour of enzymes in native and immobilized forms. Bioreactors - batch and continuous reactors, reactors in series, membrane reactors, fluidized and packed bed reactors. Enzyme purification by: flocculation, affinity chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography, membrane fractionation Mathematical modelling of enzymatic processes and enzyme inactivation by phenomenological models and artificial neural network.


1980 - M.Sc., Institute of Plant Physiology, Department of Biology, Warsaw University

1990 - Ph.D., Institute of Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Wrocław

2005 - D.Sc., Department of Food Technology, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences


University of Calabria, Arcavata di Rende, 1994 University of Bath, Bath, 1995 Stuttgart University, Stuttgart, 1996 Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, permanent collaboration since1996

Last Publications

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