Katarzyna Ożga

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Born: 24.08.1991, Wrocław

e-mail: katarzyna.ozga@pwr.edu.pl

Hobbies: literature, skiing

ORCID: 0000-0002-2837-283X


Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

2015-2019 PhD in Chemistry, thesis title: Peptide foldamers with aldolase-like activity

2013-2015 MSc in Bioinformatics (in English)

2010-2013 Engineer in Biotechnology


Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Department of Bioorganic Chemistry

2020-present full-time Research Assistant hired as a grant contractor in ‘De novo designed, structurally extended peptide foldamers and their use for construction of PD-1/PD-L1 interaction inhibitors’

2017-2019 grant contractor in ‘Foldameric miniproteins - structure and catalytic function’

2015-2017 grant contractor in ‘Artificial enzymes based on foldamers’


Design, synthesis and experimental characterization of the peptides with retro-aldolase activity based on mini-proteins such as C-domain of the MvaT protein.

De novo design of novel tertiary α/β structures with the utilization of constrained β-amino acids with the utilization of Rosetta software.

Design, synthesis and experimental characterization of the peptides inhibiting protein-protein interaction, mainly human PD1/PDL1 and human ACE2/RBD of SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein based on mini-proteins, de novo designed peptides or foldameric mimetics of α-helix.


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Publications (submitted/in preparation)

  1. Ożga, K.; Berlicki, Ł. Foldameric mini-protein with aldolase activity. In preparation.
  2. Krzciuk-Gula, J.; Rudzińska-Szostak; E., Świerczek, N.; Ożga, K.; Berlicki, Ł. Exploration of cis-2-aminocyclopentanocarboxylic acid-containing peptide foldamers mimicking 310-helix. In preparation.

Conferences communications (selected)

  1. 25th Polish Peptide Symposium. Wojanów (Poland), September 2019, Ożga, K.; Berlicki, Ł. Artificial aldolase based on mini-protein scaffold. Poster.
  2. 10th International Peptide Symposium. Kyoto (Japan), December 2018, Ożga, K.; Berlicki Ł. Peptidic foldamers as promising scaffolds for incorporation of enzymatic activity. Poster.
  3. Chemistry Beyond Nature, Poznań (Poland), June 2018, Ożga, K.; Ł. Berlicki, Ł. Redesigning of peptidic structures toward enzymatic activity. Poster
  4. Modeling and Design of Molecular Materials, Polanica (Poland), June 2018, Ożga, K.; Berlicki, Ł. Computer-aided design of peptide based aldolase mimetics. Poster
  5. 24th Polish Peptide Symposium, Jastrzębia Góra (Poland), September 2017, Ożga, K.; Berlicki, Ł. α,β-Peptidic foldamers with aldolase-like activity. Poster.
  6. 25th American Peptide Symposium, Whistler (Canada), June 2017, Berlicki, Ł.; Szefczyk, M.; Węglarz-Tomczak, E.; Drewniak, M.; Ożga, K.; Krzysztoń, A.; Rudzińska-Szostak, E.; Krzciuk-Gula, J. Catalytically Active Peptide Foldamers. Poster.
  7. 25th American Peptide Symposium, Whistler (Canada), June 2017, Drewniak, M.; Ożga, K.; Rudzińska-Szostak, E.; Berlicki, Ł. Controlling the Conformational Stability of Helix-loop-helix Peptide Foldamers. Poster.
  8. 34th European Peptide Symposium, Leipzig (Germany), September 2016, Berlicki, Ł.; Wójcik, P.; Szefczyk, M.; Drewniak, M.; Ożga, K.; Węglarz-Tomczak, E.; Krzysztoń, A.; Rudzińska-Szostak, E. Rational design, synthesis and evaluation of catalytically active peptide foldamers. Oral communication.
  9. 10th Copernicus Doctoral Seminar, Toruń (Poland), June 2016, Ożga, K.; Berlicki, Ł . Rational modification of foldameric α,β-peptides with aldolase activity. Oral communication.
  10. 14th National Doctoral Seminar: On the Border of Chemistry and Biology, Karpacz (Poland), May 2016, Ożga, K.; Berlicki, Ł . Peptidic foldamers with enzyme-like activity. Oral communication.