Oliwia Gorzeń

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Born: 20.03.1997, Słupsk

Hobby: classical singing, piano, yoga

e-mail: oliwia.gorzen@pwr.edu.pl

Phone: (+48) 71 320 3260


Master of Science, 2020, Organic Chemistry, University of Wroclaw, Poland, “Development of the method of cysteine-containing peptide enrichment and chemical derivatization.”, supervisor: Remigiusz Bąchor, PhD

Bachelor of Science, 2018, Medicinal Chemistry Chemistry, University of Wroclaw, Poland, “Methods of enrichment and analysis of cysteine-containing peptides’, supervisor: Remigiusz Bąchor, PhD

Research projects

2018-2021 Grant SONATA from National Science Center in Poland „Dissecting the proteolytic fingerprint of breast cancer tissues using mass cytometry for personalized oncology.” Contractor


Bąchor R, Gorzeń O, Rola A, Mojsa K, Panek-Laszczyńska K, Konieczny A, Dąbrowska K, Witkiewicz W, Szewczuk Z, ‘Enrichment of cysteine-containing peptide by on-resin capturing and fixed charge tag derivatization for sensitive ESI-MS detection’, Molecules 2020, 25, 1372.