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Stanek, N.; Teper, D.; Kafarski, P.; Jasicka-Misiak, I., Authentication of phacelia honeys (Phacelia tanacetifolia) based on a combination of HPLC and HPTLC analyses as well as spectrophotometric measurements LWT - Food Science and Technology 2019, 107, 199.

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Argüello-Velasco, R. O.; Dziuk, B.; Zarychta, B.; Ordóñez, M.; Kafarski, P., Reactions of Piperazin-2-one, Morpholin-3-one, and Thiomorpholin- 3-one with Triethyl Phosphite Prompted by Phosphoryl Chloride: Scope and Limitations ACS Omega 2019, 4, 9056.

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Makowicz, E.; Jasicka-Misiak, I.; Teper, D.; Kafarski, P., Botanical Origin Authentication of Polish Phacelia Honey Using the Combination of Volatile Fraction Profiling by HS‑SPME and Lipophilic Fraction Profiling by HPTLC Chromatographia 2019, 82, 1541.

Wanat, W.; Talma, M.; Pawełczak, M.; Kafarski, P., Phosphonic Acid Analogues of Phenylglycine as Inhibitors of Aminopeptidases: Comparison of Porcine Aminopeptidase N, Bovine Leucine Aminopeptidase, Tomato Acidic Leucine Aminopeptidase and Aminopeptidase from Barley Seeds Pharmaceuticals 2019, 12, 1.

Ignatiuk, Z. A.; Janicki, M. J.; Gora, R. W.; Konieczny, K.; Kowalczyk, R. , Applications of Thermal Activation, Ball-milling and Aqueous Medium in Stereoselective Michael Addition of Nitromethane to Enynones Catalyzed by Chiral Squaramides Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 2019, 361, 1108.