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Married, two daughters (Martyna and Paulina).

Hobby: gardening.


Phone: (48-71) 320 34 46 / 33 54, Fax: (48-71) 320 24 27


Department of Bioorganic Chemistry

Wrocław University of Technology

Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27, 50-370 Wrocław, Poland


  • 1988 - M.Sc. (Faculty of Chemistry, Wrocław University of Technology)
  • 1994 - Ph.D. (Institute of Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Wrocław University of Technology)
  • 2007 - D.Sc. (Faculty of Chemistry, Wrocław University of Technology)
  • 2016 - Prof. (Faculty of Chemistry, Wrocław University of Technology)


  • 1988 - Research Assistant / Ph.D. Student
  • 1995 - Assistant Professor
  • 2009 - Associate Professor
  • 2018 - Professor

Foreign training periods

  • 1993 - Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie, Montpellier, France (TEMPUS student, 5 months),
  • 1995 - University of Sheffield, England (TEMPUS visitor, 1 month),
  • 1995-1997 - Departement d'Ingenierie et d'Etudes des Proteines, CEA Saclay, France (post-doctoral stay, 2 years).

Teaching experience

Organic and general chemistry (lectures, seminars and laboratories), multistep organic synthesis, combinatorial chemistry, techniques of reactions on solid support and combinatorial synthesis.

Research interests

The research interests refer to the synthesis and structure of biologically active phosphorus analogues of amino acids and related compounds, with analysis of their enantiomeric composition with the use of chiral selectors. Phosphonamidate and phosphinic pseudopeptides are obtained as inhibitors targeted towards selected proteolytic enzymes, particularly metalloproteases (leucine aminopeptidase, matrixins). The chemical behaviour, stability and activity of such analogues is studied. Both phosphorus and non-phosphorus peptidomimetic inhibitors of cysteine proteases (gingipains, cathepsins) are also developed. The rational design methods are applied to optimise the structure of the active compounds. Chemistry of phosphorus, peptide synthesis on solid phase and in solution as well as combinatorial chemistry are used for the synthesis of psuedopeptides.


  • Włodzimierz Kołos Prize of Division III (Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Sciences) of Polish Academy of Sciences, 2004
  • Prizes of Rector of Wrocław University of Technology, 2011, 2014, 2017, 2019


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