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Dembowski High School # 13 in Zielona Góra;

M.S. 1971 , Wrocław University of Technology;

Ph.D. 1977, Wrocław University of Techhnology

Married (Dorota) and have two children (Błażej and Krzysztof).

Major teachers: Dr Zbigniew Czarnuch (high school) and Prof. Przemysław Mastalerz (university).

Hobby: hiking in Tatra Mountains; collecting post-stamps; collecting mushrooms.


phone : +48 71 320 36 82

Research interests

The main stream of research considers design and synthesis of biologically active compounds within the group of compounds belonging to aminophosphonates 1 and phosphono peptides 2 and 3.

Kafarski compounds.gif

The studies are focused on inhibitors of specific enzymes in order to find out potential; magents against civilization diseses such as: cancer (aminopeptidases and cathepsins), tuberculosis (glutamine synthetase), malaria (aminopeptidases) or osteoporosis. Also search for new plant growth regulators and herbicides is carried out, which starts from screening of physiological activity of aminophosphopnates followed by determination of their molecular mechanisms of action or by design of specific plant enzyme inhibitors. In order to discover such compounds numerous efforts for their synthesis have been undertaken. They include elaboration of new synthetic schemes leading to aminophosphonates and phosphono peptides including stereospecific synthesis by means of conventional methods and biocatalysis. Also chemical properties of aminophosphonic acids and their derivatives have been studies, which include their configuration in solutions, formation of complexes with metal ions, spectroscopic studies, self-organization in solid phase and supramolecular properties. Also biodegradation of aminophosphonates, especially herbicide glyphosate, is studied in some details by NMR technique.

Professional memberships

Polish Chemical Society (President), American Chemical Society, European Peptide Society


Honorary Member of Slovak Chemical Society, Jan Hanus Medal (Czech Cemical Society), Włodzimierz Trzebiatowski Medal (Technological University of Wroclaw), numerous awards of Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education

Recent Publications

  1. Lenartowicz, P.; Beelen, M.; Makowski, M.; Wanat, W.; Dziuk, B. Kafarski, P., Synthesis of Tetrapeptides Containing Dehydroalanine, Dehydrophenylalanine and Oxazole as Building Blocks for Construction of Foldamers and Bioinspired Catalysts Molecules 2022, 27, 1. View at Publisher
  2. Jewgiński, M; Makowski, M.; Pawełczak, M.; Goldeman, W.; Trojanowska-Laskowska, A.; Kafarski, P.; Latajka, R., Synthesis of Hybrid Tripeptide Peptidomimetics Containing Dehydroamino Acid and Aminophosphonic Acid in the Chain and Evaluation of Their Activity toward Cathepsin C Chemistry and Biodiversity 2022, 19, e202101019. View at Publisher
  3. Borowiak, D.; Lenartowicz, P.; Grzebyk, M.; Wisniewski, M.; Lipok, J.; Kafarski, P., Novel, automated, semi-industrial modular photobioreactor system for cultivation of demanding microalgae that produce fine chemicals—The next story of H. pluvialis and astaxanthin Algal Res. 2021, 53, 1. View at Publisher
  4. Lenartowicz, P.; Psurski, M.; Kotynia, A.; Pieniężna, A. Cuprych, M., Poniatowska, K., Brasuń, J., Kafarski,P., Dipeptides of S-Substituted Dehydrocysteine as Artzyme Building Blocks: Synthesis, Complexing Abilities and Antiproliferative Properties Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22, 1. View at Publisher
  5. Pajkert, R.; Koroniak, H.; Kafarski, P.; Röschenthaler, G.-V., Hypervalent-iodine mediated one-pot synthesis of isoxazolines and isoxazoles bearing a difluoromethyl phosphonate moiety Org. Biomol. Chem. 2021, 19, 4871. View at Publisher
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